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Following our previous post on our Website Navigation Improvements we realised that, with a small amount of effort on our part, we could do quite a lot to help people who have older “classic” motorhomes, campervans and – as they were once more commonly called – motor-caravans.

Motorhome Campervan Caravan Accessories Withdrawn


We’ve been back through our archives and put online some of the more common accessories that were fitted to motorhomes and caravans a few years ago. In every case they are no longer available to purchase, because they have been discontinued. However, this information can help you in two ways:

  1. If you have one of the older accessories fitted to your campervan then, in many cases, the old product description will contain both technical information and fitting instructions (often in a link to a scanned copy of the manufacturer’s original document). This is very helpful if you’re trying to repair or restore something, and you’re not quite sure what it was supposed to look like in the first place.
  2. If you really need to buy a replacement (for example your extending step has been damaged beyond repair) then you can look up the part number that is stamped on the obsolete product, and where possible it will contain a link to the part number of the current replacement product. It takes some of the guess-work, and error potential, out of getting your pride and joy back on the road.

We’ve broken everything down into categories for your convenience:

Hopefully the above will come in useful to you, and (if you share it with them) to your friends as well.

Because it’s Easter Sunday, we have a second gift for you. If you buy anything online between now and the end of Easter Monday and quote code EGGS-OFF during the checkout we’ll give you 5% off your entire order.

If you know of any more archive resources that could help other owners of classic caravans or motorhomes, please help others by sharing them as a comment below.

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