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2012 Omnistor Price Rise Imminent

The prices for all Omnistor products will soon be increasing for 2012. It’s not as bad as it could be, thanks to the Pound being strong against the Euro, but we know prices from the Omnistor factory in Belgium are … Continue reading

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Omnistep Problems

We sell a lot of Omnisteps. It’s a great product: good quality and with a long service life. The Omnistor Omni-step is a fast-moving product for us, and it’s very easy to fit.
The most common cause of problems with the Omnistep is poor installation: it really is as simple as that!
Let’s look at some of the ways in which the installation can go wrong… Continue reading

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We sell The Fastest Roof Box in the West

Those readers old enough to remember Benny Hill’s character “Ernie” the milkman will perhaps also recall his character “Two Ton Ted from Teddington” and, most importantly, Ted’s horse “Trigger” who, according to the song, “Pulled The Fastest Milkcart In The … Continue reading

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