Vango Attar 380 & Vango Attar 440 Review

Brand new for this 2015 season are Vango Attar 380 & Vango Attar 440 inflatable driveaway awnings, both released to build upon the understandably huge popularity of Vango Kela and Vango Sapera over the last two years.

Attar 380 Standard External View left

Attar 380 Standard External View

Attar takes Vango’s range of quick-pitch air-inflatable driveaway awnings further up-market, and bigger, with enclosed footprints ranging from 16.7 to 19.3 square metres, plus a shade that can project still further out for sun (or rain!) cover if needed. Sleeping space is available for 0 or 2 people as standard, depending on whether or not you clip in the standard inner tent, and an optional extra second inner tent (which is identical to the standard first one) can provide sleeping space for up to 4 people. The flexible awning design allows for vehicle mounting heights from 205cm right up to 295cm, meaning most vehicles from the lowest campervan to the tallest coachbuilt motorhome are catered for.

Vango Attar Rear View With Internal Doors Open

Attar With Internal Doors Open

Crucially, addressing one of the main criticisms levelled at Vango Sapera (despite its impressive 15.8 square metres of floor space) Attar runs more alongside your van (either 380cm or 440cm compared with Sapera’s 310cm), and projects out less from your van (440cm compared with Sapera’s 510cm). This 70cm difference in projection can be useful if you’re on a campsite with restricted (or carefully controlled) pitch sizes.

Vango Attar Rear View With Internal Doors Closed

Attar With Internal Doors Closed

So, as new new Vango Attar will fit most vehicles, let’s look at them in more detail.

As you’d expect, they all share a lot of common features as standard including:

  • Made from ProTex 420D ripstop polyester with 6,000mm head for durability and water resistance;
  • Fire Retardant to European Standard EN5912 for your safety;
  • Large zip-detachable sun canopy for both shade and rain protection (see detail photo below);
  • Vango Vista Front giving huge windows for lots of natural light;
  • Unique reversible inner tent allowing you to position it on either left side or right side as you prefer;
  • All windows are made from Diamond Clear for great views;
  • New AirSpeed valve for quicker inflation and deflation, mounted higher to save you bending;
  • Vango TBS Tension Band System for maximum stability in windy weather;
  • Fully taped seams to prevent water ingress through joints;
  • Vango AirZone high and low vents to keep you cool on a hot day;
  • Integrated Lantern Hanging Points so you can keep enjoying your awning after dark;
  • Interconnecting doors between the various areas of the awning for maximum flexibility in use;
  • Built-in groundsheet made from Rubberised 420D Ripstop Polyester for maximum comfort and convenience, and minimum damp penetration;
  • Rock pegs, detachable storm straps, a double-action stirrup pump and all bracing beams for front and roof are included in the box as standard so there’s nothing more to buy;
  • Standard fixing options include a 6mm kador strip to conveniently attach the awning to your vehicle or wind-out awning (see photo below), plus two robust and reliable storm straps to secure the awning against wind;
  • A wide-mouthed carry bag is provided to make striking camp as easy as possible.

Vango Attar Kador Strip mounting detailVango Attar Sun Canopy attachment detailThat’s a lot of features, and they bring a great many benefits to your enjoyment of camping with them. But if that’s not enough for you, there are some Optional Extras available to help you personalise your Attar too:

  • Fitted Footprint to more easily mark your pitching spot before inflation and to protect and reduce wear to the underside of your awning;
  • Fitted Carpet to improve your comfort underfoot;
  • 2 person inner tent to provide you with additional sleeping space under your awning (one inner tent is standard, a second is optional);
  • Spare AirSpeed replacement tube “just in case” of an accident involving an over-excited dog or similar;
  • Additional 8m Storm Strap for maximum security in strong winds;
  • Pole & Clamp for additional mounting flexibility;
Vango Attar - Looking Out through Diamond Clear windows of Vista Front

Looking Out through Diamond Clear windows of Vista Front

Comparing the sizes of the four different models in the Vango Attar range we find the following (please forgive the browser’s formatting if it appears off on your PC):

Vango Attar 380 & Vango Attar 440 Comparison
Attar 380 Standard Attar 380 Tall Attar 440 Standard Attar 440 Tall
Length Beside Van 380 cm / 12′ 6″ 380 cm / 12′ 6″ 440 cm / 14′ 5″ 440 cm / 14′ 5″
Projection From Van 440 cm / 14′ 5″ 440 cm / 14′ 5″ 440 cm / 14′ 5″ 440 cm / 14′ 5″
Enclosed Floor Area 16.7 m2

180 sq ft

16.7 m2

180 sq ft

19.3 m2

208 sq ft

19.3 m2

208 sq ft

Mounting Height 205 – 235 cm

6′ 8″ – 7′ 9″

230 – 295 cm

7′ 6″ – 9′ 8″

205 – 235 cm

6′ 8″ – 7′ 9″

230 – 295 cm

7′ 6″ – 9′ 8″

Packed Size 78 x 43 x 38 cm 78 x 42 x 39 cm 78 x 46 x 39 cm 78 x 46 x 42 kg
Weight 25.30 kg 25.40 kg 26.30 kg 26.55 kg
Pitching Time 10 mins 10 mins 10 mins 10 mins
RRP £750.00 £780.00 £800.00 £830.00

These floorplans show the range of sizes available, from smallest to largest:

Vango Attar 380 Standard DimensionsVango Attar 440 Tall Dimensions

In conclusion the new Vango Attar offers a lot of very flexible space for your money (as is very clear in the table above), is quick to both pitch and strike, and is sure to add a lot to your holiday if it involves a campervan, motor-caravan or motor-home regardless of size. Whether you have children and want some grown-up space “indoors” after they have gone to bed, or you simply want somewhere spacious to sit out and entertain regardless of weather, the Vango Attar has it all in spades.

Vango Attar 380 Standard Setup and Attached to Motorhome

Vango Attar 380 Standard Setup

We predict that Attar will be a very popular product this year, and will most likely sell out fast just like Kela and Sapera did when first introduced 2 years ago, so if you want to secure yours before your holiday we advise placing your order sooner rather than later.

You’re welcome to leave a comment below, or simply share this review with others, as you choose.

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2 Responses to Vango Attar 380 & Vango Attar 440 Review

  1. Martyn Fox MBE says:

    I am interested in the Vango Attar 380T. Can you tell me what the minimum length of awning rail is required and if too short can it be extended? I have an Autocruise Starspirit 2005 model, awning height 260 cms,

    • admin says:


      Thank you for your enquiry, although you would have been better placed making through the Contact Us page on the shop as we would have seen it sooner.

      You can use the Attar 380 Tall without an awning rail simply by using the throw-over straps that are included as standard. If you wish to use an awning rail then 2.4m should be sufficient, although you will of course have approaching 2 feet of unused connection on either side, with 3m or longer being the ideal.

      Full details of the Vango Attar 380 Tall are here:

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