Raskelf Holds Prices for 2013

Raskelf Duvalay Memory Foam Sleeping Bags for Caravans & Motorhomes

Duvalay is the best Memory Foam Sleeping Bag for Your caravan, motorhome, campervan, truck or boat

This is good news indeed, not least because it’s currently very cold outside. Raskelf, first made famous on Dragons Den for their innovative Duvalay when they were snapped up by shrewd investor Hilary Devey, has just announced that it will be holding its prices through 2013. And, for a while at least, we’re celebrating this by giving free delivery (to the UK mainland) on all Raskelf products if you quote <sorry, limited time offer has now ended> at checkout.


So let’s take a quick recap over the excellent range of products that fellow campers Alan & Liz Colleran produce in their Yorkshire factory:

The Raskelf Duvalay is undoubtedly their flagship product, providing all-important sleeping comfort when camping whilst being very easy to use. In simple terms it comprises two pockets sewn together along the side and bottom, with the bottom pocket containing memory foam to even out any bumps in your cushions, while the top pocket holds the duvet. There are various options of memory foam thickness and duvet TOG rating (or use your own), and 9 different colours to choose from. As you would expect, matching pillowcases are available too.

You can easily join two Duvalays together to make a double, and they work brilliantly whether you’re curled up in a campervan, tramping in a 44-tonne truck, or even just need something comfortable to use on the floor at home for an unexpected guest!

To buy your Raskelf Duvalay now with free UK-mainland delivery, just quote <sorry, limited time offer has now ended> at checkout, and rest assured of a good night’s sleep with no cold draughts down your back:


If you don’t want the Duvalay for some reason, perhaps preferring to use your traditional bedding in your caravan, but still want to iron out the bumps where your cushions join so you wake up refreshed rather than with a stiff back, Raskelf’s range of Portable Memory-Foam Mattress Toppers can help you there. As with the Duvalay they provide a memory foam base of between 2.5cm-5cm thick, and with options of either regular polycotton or luxury percale (close-weave) covers.

If you choose the percale cover option you get a choice of 9 different colours to compliment your motorhome interior, and there are several different length and width options to be assured of the best possible fit in your space.

To buy your Raskelf Portable Mattress Topper now with free UK-mainland delivery, just quote <sorry, limited time offer has now ended> at checkout, and be prepared for a good night’s sleep:


WARNING: Note that just because UK-based Raskelf have held their prices it doesn’t mean that some foreign manufacturers such as Fiamma and Omnistor will hold theirs too (and historically they haven’t), so if you’re planning to buy a new awning or similar ready for Easter you may well save yourself some money by doing so now rather than later.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: The discount code shown above was a New Year offer valid until the end of January only, and is no longer valid. I have therefore edited the post above to remove the offer code. With apologies to anybody hoping to get free carriage on a new Raskelf Topper

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