Sleep Well in your Caravan or Motorhome with the Raskelf Duvalay and Portable Mattress Topper

Do you ever wake up in your caravan, or motorhome, feeling cold or just plain uncomfortable? If you’re cold, perhaps it’s because the duvet slipped off you in the night and is mostly lying on the floor next to your bunk? One solution may be a sleeping bag, but not everybody likes them and while that may keep you warm it will do nothing to help your back. In any case, you wanted “all the comforts of home” on your camping holiday, and climbing into a sleeping bag isn’t quite what you had in mind.

Liz and Alan Colleran of Raskelf, and latterly Dragons Den fame, had just this problem in their caravan but rather than suffer in silence, they decided to solve the problem once and for all. Their nights of poor sleep, and less-than-perfect holidays, were soon to be no more.

They first addressed the problem of waking up with a sore back because, let’s face it, no collection of rearranged foam cushions (the most common type of bed in a caravan or motorhome) is going to be as supportive or comfortable as the mattress you have on your bed at home. The result of their labours was the innovative Raskelf portable mattress topper which, as the name suggests, is both easily portable and designed to lay on top of a mattress. When placed on top of the typical collection of foam cushions, this ingenious memory foam does a remarkable job of supporting the sleeper and evening out all the cracks (indeed, it’s so good that some people even use them at home). The result however was that Liz and husband Alan could finally wake up in their caravan without sore backs.

Follow this link to buy the Raskelf caravan mattress topper.

But Liz is a perfectionist and, while that sorted things for the summer months, they were still getting cold in the winter. As Liz explained to Hilary Devey: “I didn’t enjoy waking up to find that the duvet had moved, and my back was against the cold outside wall of the caravan.” So Liz tackled that problem and solved it too, with the innovate Duvalay. You may have seen memory foam before, but this will be a new one on you. In very simple terms the Raskelf Duvalay is two bags sewn together along the side, with the bottom bag containing the memory foam from the portable mattress topper, and the top bag containing a normal duvet. You simply climb in between, exactly as you would between the duvet and mattress on your bed at home, confident that despite being in your motorhome’s bunk nothing will move during the night and you won’t wake up cold and uncomfortable. The thickness of memory foam, and TOG rating of the duvet, can both be varied to suit your preferences.

Go here to buy the Raskelf Duvalay.

In conclusion then, thanks to Alan and Liz Colleran of Raskelf, you can now enjoy a comfortable and warm night’s sleep in your campervan/motorhome/caravan, and not risk having your holiday ruined by poor sleep.

Raskelf portable mattress topper

Raskelf Duvalay

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