Omnistep Problems

We sell a lot of Omnisteps: slide-out, single step and double step; 12v and manual. It’s a great product: good quality and with a long service life. The Omnistor Omni-step is a fast-moving product for us, and the good news is that it’s very easy to fit, even the 12v double Omnistep (a favourite on taller motorhomes) and versatile 12v slide-out Omni-step (a favourite on van conversions). It almost always works straight out of the box too, with substantially less than 1 in every 100 we sell getting returned.

The most common cause of problems with the Omnistep is poor installation: it really is as simple as that! As with anything else, if you’re not either qualified or sufficiently experienced enough to do the job yourself, then it’s worth getting somebody who is to do it for you.

But suppose you’ve already fitted an Omnistep to your motorhome and it doesn’t work? What do you do now? How can we help you with basic troubleshooting? I’ll share our most common Q & A with you:

Question: “My Omnistep is extended and it won’t retract.”

Camping Equipment Shop: “The two most likely reasons why the Omnistep won’t retract are:

1) The first most probable reason is a blown fuse. In this case the solution would be replacing the fuse and hopefully it will solve the problem. You can buy replacement fuses from your local motor-factors.

2) If replacing the fuse doesn’t solve the problem (or if it continues to blow) another possible option is to check the switch. Although these don’t often fail, it’s far more common than the Omnistep itself which often lasts 10+ years.

If the switch is faulty and you’ve only recently bought your Omnistep from us we’ll send you another switch immediately so you can replace the faulty one the next day. If you’ve had your Omnistep somewhat longer and the switch fails, then we can sell you a replacement Omnistep interior switch.

It’s worth noting that the vast majority of people who buy a replacement Omnistep from us do so because they drove off with their existing motorhome step extended, not because of a problem retracting it beyond (by their own admission) the simple fact that they forgot to do so. This failure, on the part of the motorhome driver, most definitely isn’t covered under warranty so please don’t post the mangled remains of your old motorhome step back to us!

Typical photo we receive on email from a customer who had bent the Omni-step on their motorhome. If you look closely you'll see that the vehicle is damaged too.

Fortunately there are two easy ways to prevent this problem:

  • Every new Omnistep is supplied with a switch for wiring to a warning light and/or buzzer on your motorhome’s dashboard. Hopefully the combination of a bright light and a loud noise will alert the driver to the imminent damage in time to prevent it;
  • For those who like everything to be automated though, Omnistor also produce an Omni-step Safety Relay which automatically retracts the step if the motorhome’s engine is started with it extended. UPDATE: An ignition-controlled auto-retract step safety relay is also available for Project 2000 Electric Steps as Project 2000 Safety Relay and Mapa Tecno Electric Steps as Techno Steps Safety Relay.

If you’d like to add any advice to help others, or share your experiences with motorhome and/or caravan step, please use the comment link to do so. And if you’d like to share this post with others, please use the social media icons.

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