Garmin Camper 760 LMT-D sat nav. – an honest unbiased review

This is a new one on us, but since we launched our special offer for the Garmin Camper 760 sat nav a week or two back we’ve not only sold loads (that was to be expected) but one very happy customer has even written in to us with his own product review.

So, with many thanks to Howard for his unsolicited commentary, here we go…


With modern technology advancing leaps and bounds over the last 10 years, you’d think that getting from A to B would be as easy as one, two, three. In theory it is, on paper at least, thanks mainly to the invention of the GPS satellite navigation system (sat nav). The truth is that many sat navs, both past and present, can make journeys longer and more stressful than they need to be. They could take you the wrong direction, lead you down one way streets or narrow country lanes, or add unnecessary miles to your journey. This is not good when you’re driving a motorhome, or (like us) towing a caravan. Because of this, it’s important that you choose a sat nav that is as efficient as it can possibly be, one that makes your journey as easy and stress free as is humanly possible.

Now, thanks to our new Garmin Camper 760LMT-D, this is very much a reality.

Here’s a quick look at this fantastic new product.

Product review of the Garmin Camper 760LMT-D sat navBasic overview

The Garmin Camper 760 sat nav has only recently launched, yet already it has received a huge number of very positive reviews and feedback. Marketed as a motorhome sat nav, or campervan sat nav, or a sat nav for towing a caravan it features:

  • Camper specific directories with a built in search filter
  • An easy to read 7” display LCD screen
  • A customised camper routing system for Europe
  • It’s wireless backup camera compatible
  • Features camper trip planning and sharing functions
  • Guaranteed lifetime map and traffic updates to make your journey as easy as possible.

The joy of maps

The free lifetime maps make this product especially unique and beneficial as it is constantly being updated, and clearly displays various camp sites and other points of interest. The up to date maps can be downloaded up to four times a year, so now we know that we won’t be heading down any one way streets or dead ends in a hurry. The super fast full digital network also provides up to date traffic updates, so we can stay one step ahead of annoying traffic jams and road works. Once it informs you of the queues and delays up ahead, it will then quickly and efficiently pick the next quickest route for you, and off you go. I’m already wondering how we ever managed without it, even on routes we know!

[Editor: Unlike with some other sat navs no subscriptions are required, this is a lifetime service provided for FREE! Now back to Howard's review...]

Driving safety guidance to help keep you safe

If you’re ever not sure about which lane you should be in, this sat nav very usefully prepares you to change lane with giving clear and precise voice prompts in plenty of time. As you approach, the screen displays the lane you need to be in, with bright coloured arrows, so you can be sure you’re in the right lane at the right time.

Voice activation

As a retired Police officer I know that a large number of traffic accidents take place because of people taking their hands off the wheel to mess with – amongst other things – their sat navs. With this Garmin model, this needn’t be a concern as it features voice activation technology. Seriously: Simply speak, and the device will respond to your commands. This really is a major contribution to road safety.

You can still make use of the touch screen technology of course, so long as you’re safe.

What’s the verdict?

Overall, the Garmin Camper 760 LMT-D, is a fantastic sat nav, that has heaps and heaps of built in features to help keep you safe, get you to your destination as quickly and hassle free as possible, and to make your driving experience that little bit more pleasurable. All of the features are extremely handy and useful, and truth be told, we just can’t say enough great things about it.

My wife and I are so glad we bought one, and very grateful to the guys at Camping Equipment Shop for the great deal and service too.


So there you go, order your new Garmin Camper 760 LMT-D sat nav now and see for yourselves. This happy customer highly recommend it, and we give it 10 out of 10 too.

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