From Bedding to Batteries: November 2011 Camping Newsletter

This newsletter is mostly about caravan and motorhome leisure batteries, but first a few words on caravan bedding (and motorhomes too).

Last month I told you that we are proud to now be selling the excellent Raskelf Duvalay and Raskelf Portable Mattress Topper. They’re great products and, if you haven’t already bought one to try in your motorhome (or caravan!) you really should. Our prices are exactly the same as Raskelf’s, and the goods will ship direct from them so you can be assured of a speedy delivery, but from now until Christmas we’re giving a discount voucher for 5% off anything in our shop to everybody who buys a Raskelf product from us. If you use that voucher against a caravan or motorhome bike carrier from either Omnistor (Omnibike) or Fiamma (Carry Bike) it will save you about £10, against an Omnistep it could save you £15, and against a Safari Residence it easily could save you £50 or more.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and take a look at the full range of Raskelf products that we sell right away:


This month’s newsletter is really about leisure batteries however, and we’re pleased to announce that we’re now also selling them.

Batteries may not be as exciting, or glamorous, as some of the accessories that you buy for your motorhome. You may not even think about the battery in your caravan, all the while just taking it for granted. But when it stops working one day and you suddenly find the interior lights dimming, the water pump slowing to a halt, and the heater-fan no longer blowing warm air around you… that’s when your mind is likely to start focussing on the problem! And of course with winter coming, you’ll be spending more time inside your ‘van when out camping, and the battery will need to work harder as a consequence.

Starter batteries, such as you have in your car, are designed to give a high-current burst for a relatively short period of time. This is precisely what you need to start an engine on a cold morning. Leisure batteries in contrast are designed to deliver a much lower current (perhaps just a few LED lights and a low-wattage heater fan) but over a far longer period of time (days rather than seconds). A leisure battery is thus designed very differently from a starter battery, and it’s not a good idea to try and interchange them.

Safety becomes more important with a leisure battery than a starter battery too, because it’s often inside your living accommodation with you (it keeps warm that way and so works better) rather than tucked away in the cold under the bonnet. For the most part, people aren’t generally keen about sharing their living space with a screw-top plastic box full of highly concentrated acid(!), both because of the fumes it can potentially give off during charging and because of the highly unpleasant consequences of a leak.

Enter then, the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery.

In a conventional lead-acid battery the gap between the lead plates in each cell (technically referred to as an accumulator because it accumulates charge, the word battery being correctly used to describe a collection of accumulators) is filled with liquid acid slopping around like tea in a mug. However, in an Absorbed Glass Mat battery, or simply AGM battery as it is most often known, the gap between the lead plates is filled with a specially designed glass-fibre mat which absorbs the acid like a sponge. The acid is free to work chemically exactly as it would do in liquid format, but the battery can’t leak even if you turn it upside down! This is clearly a much better solution for holding acid in your campervan’s habitation area, and as a further bonus because of this it never needs to be topped up with distilled water (and as it’s truly sealed for life, there is no facility to do so even if you wanted to).

So the recommendation from all of us here at the Camping Equipment Shop, for a new leisure battery for a motorhome or caravan, is definitely to buy AGM.

To this end we have teamed up with the experts at Leoch to bring you a selection of AGM leisure batteries that between them will address 99% of all camping requirements. Don’t worry if you’ve not heard of Leoch before: they were founded in 1999 and are now the largest exporter of lead-acid batteries in China; their factories cover nearly 870,000 square meters and they have over 10,000 employees worldwide; they have been audited and awarded certificates for ISO9001 (process), TS16949 (quality management), ISO14001 (environment management), OHSAS18001…; in short, Leoch is a large and reputable company with a top-quality product range that you can buy, fit and use in total confidence.

We’re impressed enough that we have a pair of Leoch batteries in our own motorhome, and they’re working perfectly.

From Leoch’s range of literally hundreds of different batteries we have therefore carefully selected the three (most common sized AGM leisure batteries) that are ideally suited to motor home or caravan use. They are as follows:

And as an introductory offer, we’re selling them at a massive discount from RRP. What’s more, if you have a bigger ‘van (like us) and buy a matching pair of leisure batteries at the same time, you’ll get a further 10% off the total (so you could even buy one for a friend and split the extra saving!). And, even better, from now until Christmas we’re giving a discount voucher for 5% off anything in our shop to everybody who buys a Leoch product from us.

So don’t be caught out this winter, buy a new leisure battery for your motor home before it’s too late:


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