Are you prepared for a wet summer holiday in your motorhome?

If you’re thinking of heading away on holiday in your motorhome or campervan any time soon, you need to be prepared for the fact that it may not be bright and sunny all the while. Indeed, based on the last few weeks, you may be lucky to get a day where it doesn’t rain, even if only a short shower!
With our growing family this was becoming a real problem, and while the occasional wet day is perhaps all part of the fun of a camping holiday in the great outdoors, if you’re already pushed for space and don’t fancy all being “cooped up” inside your ‘van even when on the campsite just because it’s raining, you need to do something to be prepared.
One solution is an awning, either with or without a safari residence hanging underneath: it provides you with shelter from wind and rain, and can practically double the living space of your motorhome. (We’ve got one and our german shepherd sleeps happily in it every night while we’re away camping.) But because it relies upon the motorhome to support it, you have to take it down if you want to go out in the morning, and put it up again when you get back at the end of the day, either leaving its contents such as table and chairs out in the rain, or carrying them around in the ‘van with you all day.
Fortunately there is a solution in the form of a driveaway motorhome awning.
Bregenz Driveaway Campervan Annexe

A driveaway motorhome awning shown attached to a VW T5 campervan

As the name suggests, this annexe stands alone so that you can drive away in your campervan at any time you wish, leaving it free-standing with all your chairs and table stored safe and dry inside. When you get back at the end of the day you simply park next to it, attach it to the side of your ‘van by one of more that half-dozen different means for a wind & watertight connection, and unzip the rear door so you can move freely between ‘van and drive-away annexe.
There’s a front door too of course, so you now have extra living space with easy access to the rest of the campsite. And as sizes start at 1.8m x 1.8m and go up to 4.0m x 2.8m it can be quite a lot of extra space. But it gets better because some of our driveaway campervan awnings include useful optional extra features such as a zip-in groundsheet (so you never need worry about wet feet) or a sun canopy (it’s waterproof too…).
My personal favourite optional extra though, and an absolute blessing for those with a small campervan and small children, are the inner tents. These specially-tailored privacy rooms are designed to hang inside the drive-away awning, and provide sleeping space for two. When you have children who aren’t quite big enough to move out into their own pup tents yet, or you simply can’t be bothered to make up beds in the ‘van every day, these inner tents are the obvious answer.
Because motorhomes and campervans come in a range of different shapes and sizes, with doors of different heights and in different places, we sell a range of eight different drive away awnings for motorhomes and campervans so there’s one to suit every need.
With prices starting at under £175 including VAT for a 3.4m x 2.4m driveaway campervan annexe that’s tall enough to stand up in, and to which you can fit an optional inner tent to sleep two people for under £55, there really is no better way to enjoy the great British summer in your campervan.
And if that doesn’t suit you there are seven other models to choose from, right up to something designed to allow the biggest of motorhomes to drive away from its awning in the morning.
But order quick, before the school summer holidays start and we sell out.
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2 Responses to Are you prepared for a wet summer holiday in your motorhome?

  1. Following a fairly hefty Twitter campaign over the last few days warning of the imminent price rise (we’re @CampingGearUK – – if you’re not already following us) we reluctantly put our prices of these driveaway awnings up today, 1st August, to satisfy complaints from our competitors who simply couldn’t match our prices. If you’re after a drive-away annexe for your motorhome or campervan you’ll still find our prices are the best on the web, they’re just not quite as cheap as they were before. Sorry!

  2. Eda Mullennex says:

    Top post. I look forward to reading more. Cheers