The Motorhome Show, Shepton Mallet, September 2010 – Review

It seems that The Motorhome Show in Shepton Mallet gets bigger every year, as you can perhaps see from the photos I have attached to this blog post.

The Motorhome Show, Shepton Mallet, September 2010 - CampsiteThe campsite was full, seemingly with most people on grass pitches and without electric hook-ups. That really shouldn’t be a problem in most motorhomes for 3 or 4 days though, and it’s something we’ve regularly done in our own Hymer without any problems at all.

The Motorhome Show, Shepton Mallet, September 2010 - Trade StallsIt was interesting walking around the various trade stalls at the show, chatting with some of the proprietors, and picking up the odd catalogue. It gave me a few more ideas for camping products (OK, specifically motorhome products) that we could put on our own website for you too. If they sell well enough at the show to warrant a bin to sell them, they should be on our website too. So look out for exotica such as ladder bands to peg out your safari room (or caravan awning) with, coming soon.

Mind you, that won’t be until after I have finished uploading our range of 300 Draper camping products. I’m currently putting all the descriptions together (it takes an age!) so they’ll be with you soon.

And of course I still need to source some decent ground spikes to stock, both for us and you, after the one that I bought elsewhere snapped on Dartmoor on the first day of our recent holiday leaving me wondering what to do with our dog, other than tie her to our motorhome. When I finally find one that meets our quality standards, it’ll be on our website (but not before as I don’t want our customers suffering the same problems I did).

But back to The Motorhome Show in Shepton Mallet…

The Motorhome Show, Shepton Mallet, September 2010 - Motorhomes For SaleIt was fun wandering around all the motorhomes too, our favourite being an ‘S’ Class Hymer (no surprise there). My wife liked the American RVs with their multiple slide-outs too, and was reassured by the salesman’s explanation that they’ll do the cost-equivalent of 25mpg on their LPG engines, and 95mph flat out, though presumably not both things at the same time! I had my reservations however because I’m not entirely sure that I fancy trying to get something the size of a 50-seater coach around Cornish hairpin bends in the name of relaxation, or park its 11m length on a typical 8m long campsite pitch (and I hesitate to think what The Camping and Caravanning Club rules would make of it…), and I’m also not entirely comfortable with the strategy that was proposed to me for emptying the black water tank when finally full either!

The Motorhome Show, Shepton Mallet, September 2010 - View of ShowThe conclusion was that we’ll keep our existing motorhome for a few more years yet (and she’s been with us for a while already) because even after wandering in and out of dozens we still couldn’t find anything that beats our existing layout (for our needs) or offers better build quality.

All in all it was a great show though, we’ll definitely be going again next year (as last year, and the year before, and…), and we recommend it to you too.

Feel free to leave your own thoughts on the show using the comments box below, or use the various icons to share this blog post with others, or both…

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