Our First Trip In A Hired Motorhome

Occasionally we get customers writing in to us, not just to thank us for our top quality service and best-on-web prices for camping equipment, but also to share some of their camping and motorhome travel stories and experiences with us. Some of those stories are informative (for example with GPS locations and reviews/tips on foreign campsites), others are entertaining (often at the writer’s personal expense).

We enjoy reading all your stories, and hope you’ll keep them coming. From now on though, and with your permission of course, we’ll give you a £20 voucher for every travel story we publish that involves a motorhome, campervan or caravan as our way of saying thank you for sharing with the community.

I’ll start off by sharing a story from Daniel who not so long ago had never been in a motorhome but, following a very enjoyable family holiday 18 months ago, he’s now a regular customer and it’s now his family’s preferred method of getting away.

Daniel & family standing outside their hired motorhome

Daniel & family with their hired motorhome "somewhere in France" (not the aire - see text)

“2 years ago a lot of the stuff you sell such as leisure batteries, electric steps and top-end awnings, would have been very foreign to me.

“But in July 2011 I hired a brand new motor home from a lovely couple in Berkshire and spent three weeks travelling around Europe with the wife and kids. Having never driven anything bigger than my Passat before it was certainly an experience. And whilst it was one of the most stressful holidays of my life, it was probably the most enjoyable too.

“We had stopped in an aire on the border of France and Italy for dinner one night and on the way out I realised I hadn’t paid the ticket. So I started reversing. Before I had even bothered to glance at my rear view camera I’d knocked off the first of the two barriers, which I’d completely forgotten I’d driven through just seconds earlier.

“I’m not sure if you’ve come across this two barrier system. I’m sure you have. But basically, with one of them sitting on the floor of the car park, the other one just refused to let anyone out. Everyone on the site, most who had just stopped for a quick bite to eat and a replenishment of their water and battery levels, were stuck there until 9am the next morning, when some very angry looking Frenchman came out to fix it.

“Anyway, sorry to bore you with the story. I’m hoping that as long as you didn’t find yourself stuck for the night at an aire on the border of France and Italy last year, you might at least find it mildly entertaining.

“So, yes, all of the things you sell and that I keep buying from you are now fairly familiar to me, even if not so long ago they were generally preceded with expletives…”

So Daniel has got the first £20 voucher for helping to entertain us all here at Camping Equipment Shop, and he’s put it towards a Duvalay to keep his son warm at night.

If you have a favourite camping story you’d like to share, then we’ll give you a £20 voucher for every travel story we publish as our way of saying thank you for sharing with the community, just drop us an email through the contact details on our website with your story of around 400 words. If you’d prefer to simply help others find this entertaining anecdote, you can use the various icons below. Either way, “watch this space” for more camping-related travel stories involving motorhomes, campervans and caravans.

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  1. Kate Hipolito says:

    good read!

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