February Newsletter

February is almost over, the winter weather is receding fast, daffodils are blooming on the verges, and Easter will soon be with us. Traditionally Easter spells the start of the camping season, and there is no reason to assume that this year will be any different.

Even if it’s still raining at present though, there’s no reason not to get out there and enjoy your motorhome. Assuming you have an Omnistor Awning fitted to it, then all you need is either an Omnistor Rain-Blocker Side or on Omnistor Rain Blocker Front and you’re ready for whatever the British weather can throw at you. And with April traditionally being the month of showers, it’s fair to assume that your new purchase will see plenty of use before summer arrives.

Sticking with Omnistor we’re very pleased to announce that the Omnistor Security Products, previously only available on the continent, are now available in UK too. This group of products, which includes everything from motorhome locks to safety hand rails, is designed to ensure the greatest possible safety for both you and your campervan. And being Omnistor, you know you can trust the brand and be assured that the products will do exactly what they are supposed to.

The key thing though is to beat the Easter rush and, if there’s anything you want, buy it now while stocks last and avoid waiting for a fresh delivery to arrive from Belgium.

To help you do this we’re offering a 7% discount for all orders placed before on or before 14th March. To claim your discount, simply quote this discount code:


The code will expire automatically at midnight on 14th March, while we’re asleep, so if you want to order ready for the main camping season take the opportunity to do so now and save yourself some money in the process.

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