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Welcome to our Camping Equipment Blog, where we discuss all matters relating to camping equipment; this is the official blog of the Camping Equipment Shop.

We’ll use this camping blog to bring you news of anything (but in truth probably not everything) that relates to camping, and camping equipment in particular. All camping news will be factual, and to the point, and it won’t “beat about the bush” with “political correctness”. Where camping products are concerned, we “call a spade a spade!”

We’ll use this blog to bring you reviews too: product reviews, campsite reviews, website reviews, book reviews and… pretty much anything else related to travelling and/or camping/caravans/motorhomes/campervans etc. that we (and I in particular!) fancy talking about.

If we use a camping product and we like it, you’ll learn all about it here. By the same token if we use any camping equipment that we don’t like, you’ll read about that in this blog too. I’ve already got a few examples of both in mind that I want to talk about!

Note that there is a facility for reviews and comments in our main Camping Equipment Shop too, so if you wish to leave your own review about anything we sell it’s as simple as finding it in the shop and pressing the button that says “write review/comment”.

And if we visit a campsite that stands out in my mind for one reason or another, then I may well write a review of that campsite here. What I can promise you – because my reputation and credibility is based on my honesty – is that, good or bad, I’ll tell you in this blog exactly what I think of the campsite. So, campsite owners look out!

If you’d like me to visit your campsite and review it, then please Contact Us though our shop and we’ll arrange a date to come and do so. I’m unlikely to write a review on any campsite where I haven’t stayed for at least 2 nights and a full day in between though, because I don’t think it’s possible to base a fair opinion on less experience.

And if I see a camping website that I like I’ll give you my thoughts on it, and a link to it. Similarly if I read a camping and/or travelling book, and I’ve read a fair few in my time, I’ll give you my thoughts on that too.

At the bottom of every blog post there is a facility for you to leave comments and, if your comment is genuine (i.e. not spam), it will be published. Even if it’s critical of me/us, it’ll be published. If we or I have upset you, our readers and/or customers in any way at all, I’d like to know about it. If you don’t tell me there is a problem, I can’t fix it.

So please use the comment facility under the blog post, and let’s engage in some lively discussion here. I’m hoping that this camping equipment blog will be of benefit to us all, and it’s more likely to be if there’s some two-way discussion.

Finally, you’ll see a bunch of little “Social Media” icons under every blog post allowing you to Digg / Stumble / Tweet / Like or whatever the post. So if you do enjoy reading a post in this blog, please share it like this so that others can enjoy it too.

Feel free to leave your comments below…

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