2012 Omnistor Price Rise Imminent

The prices for all Omnistor products will soon be increasing for 2012. It’s not as bad as it could be, thanks to the Pound being strong against the Euro, but we know prices from the Omnistor factory in Belgium are still going up, which will of course affect us here in UK too.

Something else to be aware of is that Thule, who owns Omnistor, has decided to stamp its identity more firmly on the brand in 2012. This not only means that such household names as the Omnistor Omni-step may suddenly become the Thule Omnistep, but also that the vast majority of product codes will be changing too.

This is a huge pain for anybody like us who runs a website where the products are identified by their product codes, but it’s also a huge opportunity for you, our customers…

The really good news is that our primary supplier for Omnistor products, the main UK wholesale-only importer, has agreed to continue selling us Omnistor products under the old product codes and at the old prices while their stocks last. So, for a while at least, this means we can sell them to you at the old price too. As long as either we or they have stock of the genuine Omnistor product under the 2011 product code you can still grab it at the 2011 price.

Don’t miss your opportunity, order now before stock runs out and the price goes up.

==> http://www.CampingEquipmentShop.co.uk

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