Motorhome Weight Limits

How much does your campervan weigh? What does the Highway Code say about it?

If your motorhome weighs less than 3,050kg the chances are you’re OK, and it is in most regards simply treated as a motor car. However, many don’t (consider a loaded 8m long Burstner or Autotrail with a tag-axle), and few campers seem to appreciate the distinction or to take account of the consequences.

Legally speaking, if you go just one kilo above the 3,050kg weight limit then things begin to get complicated…

At 3,051kg your motorhome gets redefined as a Heavy Motor Car, and is subject to a maximum speed of 50mph on single carriage roads.

And at 3,501kg your somewaht large campervan is reclassified again (as a Large Goods Vehicle or LGV) making it liable for more road fund licence (road tax), and an offence for anyone who passed their test after 31 December 1996 to drive it unless they have taken an extra test to get the required group on their driving licence.

This warning applies to some of the larger European motorhomes, and of course almost anything that you may be considering importing from America.

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